SPORTPEC is a Sport Performance Enhancement Centre that offers a variety of services to better athletic performance. As sport is becoming more and more competitive we feel that performance should be approached from a holistic level and all areas such as sports medicine, strength and fitness, nutrition and mental skills should be worked on to reach maximum potential. 

According to sportda, as athletes travel a lot and are often pressed for time we try to offer as many services as possible online so the athlete can access help from home or anywhere else convenient.

Here is an extract list of other SPORTPEC services that could be of interest to golfers:


Specific mental skills modules on the following topics:

  • MODULE 1: Motivation and Goal Setting

Learn how to set appropriate goals and create goal setting plans as well as how to keep your motivation up even if things are not going according to plan

  • MODULE 2: Mental Preparation

The same way you have to prepare your body for competition you also have to get your mind ready. Learn how to prepare mentally for optimal performance and create routines

  • MODULE 3: Energy Management

Learn how to manage your energy efficiently and how to stay on a optimal energy level for your performance 

  • MODULE 4: Concentration and Focus

Learn how to keep your focus and concentrate for the duration of a performance. Also learn how to manage and control distractions

  • MODULE 5: Positive Images / Visualization / Imagery

Learn how to use your “inner eye” and mind to prepare for competitions. All elite athletes have strong visualization skills and use imagery to perform optimally

  • MODULE 6: Confidence

Learn how to build and strengthen your confidence and how to regain it after a setback

  • MODULE 7: Self-talk / Emotional Control

Learn to control your emotions like nervousenss and excitement as well as using positive self-talk before and during competition that rather helps than hurts your performance

  • MODULE 8: Fear / Stress / Anxiety

Learn to manage competition stress and deal with anxiety or fear provoking situations

  • MODULE 9: Dealing with Pressure

Learn to cope with the pressure of competition and perfom best when it matters the most

  • MODULE 10: Perseverance / Worksheets / Journals / Links

Learn how to stick with it and how to create and use worksheets and Journals


  • Mental skills assessments and performance profiling
  • Customized training and recovery plans
  • Nutritional advice
  • Private consultations via Skype or FaceTime